The Making of Dream Brulèe

My name is Melissa Mitchell and I am the owner and operator of Dream Brulèe. I am a wife and the mom of 3 wonderful kids (ages ranging from toddler to teenager!).

When our youngest was born we decided it would be best if I only worked part time. That went well for 6 months until the company I worked for was bought out and liquidized. Counting down the days until I would be unemployed was a very stressful time. It was then that I decided I wanted to try to work for myself.

Bath Brittle is a product I made for myself and my kids, and with the help of friends and an amazingly supportive husband, I worked out how I can produce this on a larger scale to sell to others. On October 14th 2017 I held my first sale on Facebook. I was in awe at how many people were interested in my product!

Over time, Dream Brulèe has grown and the need for a website became apparent. I have also ventured into new products and now offer body scrub and scented wax melts. I can’t wait to see what is in store for the future of Dream Brulèe!

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Thank you for checking out Dream Brulèe, and as always, #bathesweetly